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Ceramic Cabinet Knobs by Potteryville

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Hundreds of ceramic cabinet knobs in a variety of unique, fun, and colorful designs! Great for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and furniture. Most knobs are handmade and hand painted and come with hardware for installation. Please inquire about our custom knob design services if interested in getting your own design painted on one of our ceramic knobs.
Pink Cabinet KnobPink Cabinet KnobPrice: $7.99SKU #: BPCK-064Stock: 80 Pieces
Pink Cabinet KnobPink Cabinet KnobPrice: $7.99SKU #: BPCK-066Stock: 30 Pieces
Yellow Cabinet KnobYellow Cabinet KnobPrice: $7.99SKU #: BPCK-067Stock: 40 Pieces
Dark Blue Cabinet KnobDark Blue Cabinet KnobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-079Stock: 2 Pieces
Lime Green Cabinet KnobLime Green Cabinet KnobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-081Stock: 80 Pieces
Turquoise Cabinet KnobTurquoise Cabinet KnobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-084Stock: 45 Pieces
Dark Green Cabinet KnobDark Green Cabinet KnobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-085Stock: 70 Pieces
Red Ceramic Cabinet KnobRed Ceramic Cabinet KnobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-086Stock: 55 Pieces
Yellow Cabinet knobYellow Cabinet knobPrice: $9.99 $7.99SKU #: BPCK-090Stock: 42 Pieces
BPCK-136BPCK-136Price: $4.99SKU #: BPCK-136Stock: 60 Pieces
Pink Ceramic knobPink Ceramic knobPrice: $8.99SKU #: KPS-4577Stock: 30 Pieces
White and Blue knobWhite and Blue knobPrice: $8.99SKU #: KPS-4631Stock: 95 Pieces
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