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Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles

Hundreds of decorative ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes and colors. Each pottery tile is handmade and hand painted to give it a beautiful, artistic look. Our tiles are ideal for kitchen back splashes, sides of staircases, swimming pools, water fountains, embedding in cabinets, furniture and other woodworking projects. Durable in direct sun and water. Designed to withstand light pressure so not ideal for floor use or other areas that would be subjected to heavy weight and use.

We have many decorative ceramic tiles to choose from but if you are not able to find a design that meets your exact needs then please use our contact form to email us your ceramic tile requirements as we have the capability to create custom tiles for you to meet your specifications.

Ceramic Alphabet Tiles(72)
Tile Murals(22)
Ceramic Tile Coffee Tables(11)
Tiles 2x2"Inch(83)
Tiles 2x6" Inch(14)
Tiles 2x4"Inch(84)
Tiles 3x3"Inch(148)
Tiles 3x6"Inch(155)
Tiles 4x4"Inch(225)
Tiles 6x6"Inch(83)
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